UniCycle distributed approximately 20,000 items of school clothing valued at nearly $120,000 during the 2019/2020 school year.

These values are important and impressive, but also do not take into account two critical elements: 

  • In our constant effort to streamline the program, we only count the numbers of items that come in through our warehouse and back out from our warehouse. Items that come in through a school collection basket and are used in that same school are not counted. We estimate that the program is responsible for approximately 20% more items of clothing than our records show. 
  • The value of the time (and money!) saved by the HERO program staff and teachers, counselors, social workers, front-office employees and other school support staff such as Community Achieves or Communities in Schools site coordinators is real, but difficult to pin down. We could estimate that for every ten families who are seamlessly assisted through school closets by UniCycle, one of these employees saves several hours of time that they are able to dedicate to addressing the many other needs that accompany economically disadvantaged students to the classroom every day.