UniCycle prides itself on running primarily on donations of “outgrown, not worn out” school clothing, volunteer hours, community partners and a unique relationship with the Homeless Education Resource Office and Metro Nashville Public Schools. However, we need your financial support to sustain the growth we’ve made over the last seven years.


A financial contribution to UniCycle means:

  • Abundant options of school clothing for students experiencing homelessness – items that fit and “fit in”
  • A full UniCycle Closet in schools for any student who needs a few extra items 
  • A saved afternoon’s worth of work for a social worker or counselor who can serve student needs seamlessly through a UniCycle Closet or with a phone call to us
  • A part-time worker in our warehouse to keep things moving in and out quickly, and to provide one “shopping” day per week for school support staff and UniCycle Coordinators to shop for students or their closets
  • An easy way for the community to support our MNPS family with existing resources – think Scout Troop projects to collect coats and partnerships with private schools
  • Fewer middle and high school students sitting in in-school suspension for being out of dress code
  • A decrease in chronic absenteeism due to lack of school uniform clothing
  • A relief for parents with tight budgets and growing children
  • Tens of thousands of items of clothing re-homed to their next best life rather than taking up space in a landfill
  • A feeling of community among students and parents – Nashville families supporting Nashville families

Thank you for your support. We’d love to discuss other ways to partner – please reach out!